5 Worst Colors for Small Room Walls

By | January 11, 2021

Choosing a wall paint color for a small room is not an easy matter. There are some of the worst wall paint colors for small rooms that you need to avoid.

Out there, there are many myths that talk about choosing a wall color for a small room. White is generally the recommended color so that the room looks wider. In fact, white is not as ideal as many people think.

Instead of making the room more spacious, white will actually make the room look stiff. Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself freely. Go ahead, but you have to be careful with the decision to choose paint colors.


Here are some of the worst colors for small spaces, citing a variety of sources.

1. White

White is indeed touted as the right color to fill a small room. But, don’t be fooled. Quoting Domino, white will succeed in making the room look wider if there are many light sources there.

However, if your room doesn’t have many windows as a natural light source, the white color will be in vain. Instead of making the room look spacious, white will actually make the room look dull and glowing.

2. Brown

color with a tone that is thicker and older will make the room feel heavy. This color will also make the room feel so old-fashioned.

Instead of using brown, it is recommended that you choose a beige color. Mix and match with wall patterns and textures.

3. Red

color red will always attract the eye, but it is difficult to use at home, especially in a small room. Quoting The Spruce, in a small room, the bright red color will actually make the eyes tired.

Instead of a bright red, you can choose red with a lighter, warmer tone, like pink or peach. This type of color can provide warmth to the space.

4. Orange

Together with red, orange and yellow to be a choice of saturated colors. Especially if the three colors are placed as wall paint. Even though it is cute and feels suitable to cover the walls of a child’s room, this color can actually trigger fatigue and eye strain.

In addition, quoting The Good Painter, bright colors like orange and yellow also make it difficult for you to find complementary decorations and often make you frustrated.

5. This year’s trendy colors

Pantone will annually announce the ‘color of the year’. However, that does not mean that these guidelines must always be followed. The trendy ones don’t always suit your needs. After all, trends will change rapidly.

Instead of choosing colors according to what was on the rise at the time, you are advised to focus more on colors that describe your own character.