5 Games That Are Still Relevant to Play in 2021

By | January 8, 2021


Smartphone games are released very quickly, they can be new games or even refreshing games. However, there are still some “old school” games that you can never beat.

This old school game will always have a special place for gamers, both old and new. Many of these games were developed when smartphones were still relatively new to the market. Therefore, it is not wrong to call them classic games.

Some of these old mobile games are able to survive in the midst of improving the quality of game graphics. Yes, classic old school games with all their uniqueness make them still relevant to be played even in 2021.

Candy Crush

5 Game Jadul yang Masih Relevan Dimainkan di Tahun 2021

The top old game that is still being played today is none other than Candy Crush. The mobile game was released in 2012.

There are still millions of people who play it and are connected to Candy Crush. The game has countless levels, with new challenges and amazing bonus prizes that keep the audience connected to the game.

Games are played by people of all age groups. In the past, gamers were usually amazed to play this game on their smartphones. On the downside, we can never forget Candy Crush’s annoying Facebook notifications.


Second place fell to Limbo which was released in 2010. This is an adventure puzzle game.

Limbo has a dark storyline where a boy roams around Limbo in search of his sister. People bond with a boy’s emotional story and stay connected to him, which is the reason after 10 years of still having the same fellowship.

Bubble Shooter

5 Game Jadul yang Masih Relevan Dimainkan di Tahun 2021

This bubble shooting game released in 2001 was a huge success. In this case, we have to hit the ball towards the ball of the same color until all the balls are gone.

Its difficulty which increases with each level builds more interest in it. The game has its own fan base. From 2001, and now in 2021, there are still many Bubble Shooter players playing on smartphones.

The Room

Game was published in 2012 and is still the favorite game of people who like to play escape games or mystery games. The game has a room full of clues to find the key to unlock the door.

Because of this game, you can see more escape space in real life. With its success, this game has a series of games The Room 2, Room 3 with a different storyline.

Cut The Rope

5 Game Jadul yang Masih Relevan Dimainkan di Tahun 2021

Game was officially released in 2010. The game has a character named Om Nom.

In this game, we have to put candy into Om Nom’s mouth by cutting the rope attached to the candy. Cut The Rope is listed as an award-winning game with extraordinary and interesting levels.

Of these 5 old school games, which one is your favorite?