9 Ikonic Kicks in One Piece

By | January 7, 2021

It’s not unusual if One Piece is known as one of the series that often makes fans curious and impatient with what will happen. Even though Oda Sensei may not have this intention, in reality he managed to make fans curious. The greater the curiosity or hype, the more epic the story will be.

It has been running for more than two decades to prove how Oda Sensei is still able to present these epic moments. It’s no secret that Oda Sensei is a figure who is able to make fans curious, and when the moment of truth occurs, fans often stand up to see the moment. The following are various attacks and moments that still make fans stand on their hairs until now.

1. Zoro Defeats Monet

Sanji and Zoro have different views on women. If Sanji considers women to be gentle, graceful, weak, and must be protected, it is different with Zoro. Zoro is a figure who believes that women can beat men – even though Zoro also maintains his attitude as a man. And Monet is proof of how Zoro does not hesitate in dealing with women.

Monet managed to lock Zoro and Tashigi in a room, which was covered in snow thanks to his Yuki Yuki no Mi. Monet is not a balanced opponent for Zoro, where Zoro managed to “kill” Monet. Not with Haki, but with Zoro’s demonic gaze, where he thought that Zoro managed to kill him – even though he was a Logia user and Zoro didn’t use Haki.

2. Luffy Conquers 50,000 Troops With Conqueror Haki

Technically, many fans actually think that the Fishman Island arc is the “second half” of the One Piece series. Previously, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew had to train for two years in different places, this moment became known as the time-skip. And in the fishman island arc, this is a proof of Luffy’s prowess after training for two years.

As the Straw Hats prepared to face Hody Jones and his army, which numbered more than 50 thousand people, Luffy then stepped forward and used his Conqueror Haki. What shocked him was that 50 thousand of Hody Jones’ men were unconscious. What is no less extraordinary is as Hody Jones said that fishmen are twice as strong as ordinary humans, many speculate that Luffy has actually conquered 100,000 ordinary humans.

3. Shanks Stops the War

As the name suggests, the war culminates in Marineford, truly the ending of the first part of the One Piece series in an epic way. Whitebeard’s group, numbering hundreds or maybe thousands of people, fought against the entire navy to save Ace, one of his sons. Because of this epic battle, the naval base, Marineford, was completely damaged.

In this war, Ace and Whitebeard had to die. Even though they were dead, the war was still going on. When Coby tries to stop Sakazuki’s attack, Shanks appears who then actually stops the war. Shanks even challenged those who still wanted to fight, to fight against his crew. Shanks himself is very epic, but this moment adds to the beauty of Shanks’ figure.

4. Jinbei Decides to Leave Big Mom’s Crew

The Matahri pirate group is one of the many pirate crews that are under the control of Big Mom. And it is no secret that a weak pirate crew will face two possibilities when facing a strong opponent. If they don’t die, they decide to join the group, uniting their forces.

In many scenarios, breaking up with the strong will usually be bad for those who are weak. However, it was different with Jinbe. Not only did Jinbe cut off the cooperation between them and Big Mom, he also said this in front of Big Mom directly and also many other people.

5. Zoro’s Attacks on Apoocomesmen

When itto the quality and quantity of attack techniques, Zoro is one of the front. Zoro has many epic and extraordinary attack techniques. He is the only swordsman who uses three swords at once in battle. And sometimes Zoro’s three sword attacks can amaze the fans.

Even so, his one-sword strike was equally interesting and epic. This was proven when Zoro managed to defeat Apoo with only one attack. Even though Apoo survived, Zoro managed to show his qualities as a swordsman.

Over the years, Luffy has been shown to often do something that his crew consider very crazy and stupid. As in the Enies Lobby arc, where he openly challenged the World Government to arrest him and fight with their group. Everything was done not solely to make Luffy look handsome, but he did this for Robin. Luffy wants to do this to protect Robin.

6. Hit the Heavenly Dragons

As mentioned in the previous point, Luffy often goes beyond his limits by doing crazy and stupid things. As well as challenging the World Government, Luffy also takes crazy action by hitting the celestial dragons, people who are considered descendants of the “creators” of the One Piece world. Not without reason Luffy did that.

Luffy was furious when one of the heavenly dragons shot his friend, Hahchin. No need to think long and hard for Luffy to hit a celestial dragon. Given the risks they will face, it is only natural that not everyone is able to do what Luffy did.

7. Big Mom Faces Brook

As one of the Yonko or four emperors of the ocean, it is only natural that Big Mom is feared a lot by people and other pirate crews. This is not without reason. Being one of the emperors of the ocean, means that Big Mom excels at various points, including issues of strength and combat. They have reached their peak, and it is almost impossible to beat a Yonko.

Although many people are afraid and intimidated by the figure of Big mom, Brook is different. Big Mom is not strong enough to be able to make Brook’s soul kneel before her. Brook was also able to match Big Mom’s abilities, even if only for a short time. Because of this Brook became another target of Big Mom, Brook’s soul could not be controlled like the others.

8. Zoro Bears Luffy’s Pain at Thriller Bark

The stories about Zoro and Luffy are always interesting. They are like Rayleigh and Roger. Zoro is the first person Luffy met, when he started to become a pirate. Zoro even refused Luffy’s invitation to join his crew, but after Luffy helped him, Zoro finally agreed to join.

Slowly, Zoro’s trust in Luffy grew more and more. The most iconic of Zoro’s sacrifice was when Luffy nearly died from the severe injuries he suffered, then Zoro was willing to endure all the pain that Luffy endured so that he could regain consciousness. Zoro has become Luffy’s confidant alias.

9. Luffy Hitting Kaido

One Piece chapter 1000 is really a chapter that many fans talk about. Besides containing various interesting and emotional things, we also saw something very extraordinary where Luffy was finally able to see Luffy finally hit Kaido in a very extraordinary way. The last time Luffy met Kaido, Luffy was unable to launch a single attack on Kaido.

Luffy does manage to use his Gear 4, but it has absolutely no effect on Luffy’s attack on Kaido. Gomu Gomu Red Rock is Luffy’s latest attack at the moment, what’s interesting is that this attack is not part of Gear 4 or Gear 5, but other variations of Gear 3.