Best Types of Diet in 2021

By | January 6, 2021

With everything happening in 2020, many people will be more focused on health in 2021. Diet will make a big contribution to overall health.

In the latest US News & World Report, experts noted some of the best types of diet for 2021. The Mediterranean diet is still at the top of the list of best diets.

The position of the Mediterranean diet is followed by two other types of diet in second place, namely the DASH and the flexitarian diet.

Experts are not surprised that the three of them are in the top row. This is because all three have something in common, namely, they are easy to follow and focus on the types of food that should be eaten, not foods that should be avoided or trimmed.

“The Mediterranean diet is really just centered on what foods can be consumed, instead of avoiding certain foods,” said dietitian Maya Feller, quoting Today.

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Here are the best diets for 2021:

  1. Mediterranean diet
  2. Flexitarian and DASH diet
  3. WW or Weight Watchers
  4. MIND diet, Mayo Clinic diet
  5.  Ornish diet, vegetarian diet, and Nordic diet

The Mediterranean diet itself is a diet that focuses on the intake of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and healthy fats. This diet also includes healthy sources of animal protein, such as skinless chicken and fish. The Mediterranean diet also allows the consumption of red meat, albeit in limited quantities.

While flexitarian is a diet or a more flexible diet, which helps you get used to reducing the portion of meat and animal products intake and increasing plant-based food sources. Simply put, flexitarian is a more flexible vegetarian diet.

Meanwhile, Dietary Aprroaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is a diet specifically designed to prevent blood pressure spikes. On this diet, one should emphasize a low-salt diet with balanced nutrition.Meanwhile, for the commercial diet category, the WW (Weight Watchers) diet gets the top position, followed by the Mayo Clinic diet.

The report also marks the first time US News & World Report has included the app-based Noom diet in research. “This diet actually performs well in its first year,” said US News & World Report health managing editor Angela Haupt.

Meanwhile, the Whole30 diet and the ketogenic diet are still considered poor performance because they are too difficult to follow. The modified Keto diet also remained at the bottom of the list at 35 out of 39 diets studied. While the keto diet itself was even ranked 37th.