5 Minimalist Bathroom Mirror Ideas (Perfect for Small Space)

By | July 1, 2020
double bathroom mirrors

A mirror is essential for a bathroom. Moreover, if you like to grooms yourself in the bathroom at once rather than having to walk into the closet. Moreover, the right bathroom mirror ideas can also be such great additions to the interior of your bathroom.

Further about this, you might want to check these five ideas. It is recommended for you to read before you decide which mirror is perfect for your small bathroom ideas.

Covering-the-Wall Type of Mirror Idea

If you look for a solution to make your bathroom appears bigger than it looks, this is the best idea out of others. This mirror will give you a full view of the opposite wall and somehow, it affects how your bathroom looks.

A bar of fluorescent type of lamp attached on its side will complete the looks. Your bathroom not only looks larger, but also brighter. Yes, the light from the lamp will be reflected throughout the room because of the mirror.

Gilded-shaped Type of Mirror Idea

This particular mirror is suitable for those bathrooms with vintage ideas. Now, these two aspects are the essential keys.

  • The shape

If you haven’t noticed, the shape of this mirror alone can be a complement to your bathroom arch. This is with an assumption that vintage bathroom usually has those classic arch interior.

  • The frame

The next thing which becomes the highlight of this mirror idea is the gilded frame. The gilded frame, even if you only throw one look toward it, you will associate the shape with the vintage theme.

Mix and Match Type of Mirror Idea

If you are someone who thinks out-of-the-box, one shape of a mirror wouldn’t please your thirst over ‘identity’ of course.
A simple example, wouldn’t it be good to have an oval shaped mirror and a pear-shaped mirror attached above your vanity? As one of the bathroom mirror ideas, this cabinet idea is a good choice to give the room a little bit of personality.

Antique Type of Mirror Idea

This mirror idea is somewhat common but timeless. Timeless here means that this antique type of mirror is still used even after decades. The special things about this type of mirror are:

  • Antique

The fact that the mirror is antique, alone, is special. This type of mirror definitely looks better with time or age. The imperfections that it gets along with time become its charm.

  • Homey vibe

The second one is that this mirror brings a homey vibe. It’s an object full of story, an object for you to be nostalgic over your grandma’s pancakes or your little self’s hairclip.

Round-shaped Type of Mirror Idea

Move to the last thing listed on this list is that round-shaped mirror idea. While it looks very classic and ancient, this round-shaped mirror can help you to soften any sharp angles in your bathroom space.

If you want this mirror to be more than just that of classic, you might want to try this option. As one of the bathroom mirror ideas, do not put the mirror directly on to the wall, instead look for a rope to attach the mirror to the wall.