Minimalist Light Fixtures Ideas to Grab

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Light fixture plays a great role in a house.

Not only does it illuminate any room, light fixture also serves as additional decoration in a room.

At the time you have minimalist living space, minimalist light fixtures will bring your space to the next level.

With wide array of models and designs to choose, it becomes far easier to get the most suitable one.

In truth, light fixtures come in various models such as wall sconce, pendant, rail lighting, and many others.

Each model can be used for the same purpose and yet it serves different look for your interior.

Are you looking for light fixture inspiration? This is your lucky day as you are about to figure out several light fixture ideas with minimalist design.

Minimalist Light Fixtures Ideas to Grab

1. LED pendant lamp

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This pendant lamp is minimalist by its design.

Combining bright and energy-saving LED lamp with modern minimalist design, the light fixture is what you need to complement your interior.

It comes with circular LED with wire connector and a base.

The design is so simple that it will be suitable to be combined with minimalist furniture.

2. Modern hanging lamp

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Another idea to grab is modern hanging lamp that gives an additional point into the room.

The hanging lamp has simple design with light bulb spread in three different directions.

With shiny metal frame and shaft, the minimalist lamp will bring your interior to the next level.

This hanging lamp is suitable for low ceiling. You can combine with meja which has similar concept.

3. Concrete pendant lighting

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Do you wish to have a unique light fixture?

Concrete pendant lighting is what you need to consider.

The pendant lamp comes with pretty long wire and concrete lamp shade.

This is an impressive light fixture not only for minimalist concept but also modern and industrial.

4. Simple wall lamp

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Minimalist light fixtures should have simple design.

In case you want to go simple, this wall lamp with square shade will do for additional in any room.

For bathroom, this can be installed next to or over bathroom wall.

While in the bedroom, it will be a night lamp that illuminates your night.

The most important, it does not take up much space on the wall.

5. Loft minimalist lamp

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The last but not least lamp to decorate your living space is loft lamp with minimalist design.

The light fixture is dominated by black color scheme with gold accent for the shaft, making it also suitable for majestic room decoration.

This lamp is a great addition for bedroom, powder room, or bathroom.

Not to mention the lamp is decorative enough to define your style in living room.

Light fixture with minimalist design serves not only to illuminate any room but also level up the beauty of your interior.

Make sure to combine with matching furniture so that you will get amazing interior decoration.

To find further information about minimalist lamps, simply visit and get more references related to minimalist lighting.