Types of Rafflesia Flowers You Need to Know

Types of rafflesia arnoldi flowers

For the first type of rafflesia flower was discovered in 1818 ago, precisely in the tropical forests of Bengkulu, in Sumatra very close to the river Manna, Lubuk Tapi, southern Bengkulu. The naming of the giant flower was originally from an expedition guide led by Thomas Stamford Raffles. So this type of flower is named as Rafflesia arnoldii flower based on the combination of the name of Thomas Stamford Raffles with Jeseph Arnold as the inventor of the flower. This type of rafflesia flower basically has no root, no stem, and no leaf.

This rafflesia flower has a diameter of up to 1 m when blooming and weighs around 11 kg. The flower has five beautiful crowns that surround the mirim hole in the barrel, and also with irregular white spots. At the bottom of the flower there is a part like a thorny disc, containing stamens or pistils. The flower is only around seven days after it will wither and die. The percentage of fertilization of this flower is very small, because male flowers with female flowers rarely bloom together in seven days, even if there are flies that come fertilize.

Rafflesia bengkuluensis flower types

Then for this one type is one of five types of giant rafflesia flowers that are identified in the Bengkulu forest. The flower was found blooming some time ago in the thicket area of ​​the river bank in the area of ​​Mnau IX, Kaur, Bengkulu. Raflesia flower with this type is a new parasitic plant species from the raflesia family. The Sumatran native plant was discovered after extensive research into Rafflesia arnoldii by the Forest Department of Bengkulu University when they saw that several organisms were significantly smaller and were finally classified as separate species.

The forest in the Kaur region is an endemic habitat of this type of rafflesia which was identified by the rafflesia from Kebangsaan University Malaysia and Bengkulu University. In addition to these types, the forests in the Bengkulu region were also covered with four other types of rafflesia, namely rafflesia arnoldii, raflesia hasselti, rafflesia gadutensis, and rafflesia kmumu which are included as new species of rafflesia.

Types of rafflesia gadutensis flowers

This type of rafflesia flower is a parasitic plant species of the genus Rafflesia. Plants of this type are named after the place where they were first found, namely in Ulu Gadut, West Sumatra. This type of rafflesia flower blooms perfectly in the protected forest of Boven lais, Bengkulu. The protected forest is a habitat for three types of rafflesia flowers. In addition to the rafflesia gadutensis flowers, in this area it was also found rafflesia arnoldii flowers and kemumu rafflesia flowers.

Types of rafflesia hasseltii flowers

The following types of rafflesia are parasitic plant species that can be found in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra. White spots that look beautiful from this type of flower are quite dominant, and that is what distinguishes it from other types of rafflesia flowers.

In other species, white patches appear more dull and also have small dots. The flower petals have a diameter of 60 cm and are brick red. Rafflesia flower with this type is very unique, because it has no stems and leaves, but can only survive for seven days. Even though perfect flowers are formed, these plants take quite a long time, which is around 20 months.

Your type of rafflesia flower

Not much different from the types of rafflesia flowers above, this type is a family of parasitic plant species of the genus Rafflesia. The plant was originally from Sumatra which was just identified as a new type of rafflesia in 2017 yesterday, so that currently in Bengkulu has five species of rafflesia that have been identified.

This type of rafflesia flower blooms perfectly in the forest area around the village of Tebing Kaning, North Bengkulu, which is still directly adjacent to the protected forest area of ​​Boven lais.