Interesting and unique facts from the Rafflesia Flower

Thomas Stamford Raffles was one of the guides from Indonesia who first discovered this type of parasitic flower plant, the rafflesia flower. These plants are found in Indonesia’s rainforests, there are at least about 27 species of species that are all found in Southeast Asia, precisely in the Malay Peninsula, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and the Philippines.

Uncertain bloom period

Basically no one can predict when this Rafflesia flower will bloom perfectly. Some say that after heavy rain. Another opinion says that the month ends in “er”. But so it was said in July. It takes around 9 months to bloom fully and can only last for seven days. So, only lucky people can witness the beauty of the rafflesia flower.

Has an unpleasant odor, aka foul-smelling

The stench offered by the Rafflesia flower was favored by flies and other insects as well, because they thought it was the smell of rotten meat. This is the way raflesia flowers can survive. Although the flies do not benefit from the rafflesia flower, when they sit down, pollen sticks to their backs. At the time these flies will move to female rafflesia flowers, they store pollen in these rafflesia flowers, thus allowing fertilization to occur.

The fruit produced is very small and fleshy with thousands of seeds. The fruit is consumed by shrews trees and then helps the process of distributing plant seeds. Because rafflesia flowers are unisexual plants and rarely occur, there is a very rare possibility that a fly sitting on male rafflesia flowers and carrying pollen from these flowers will sit with female rafflesia flowers to transfer pollen to female rafflesia for fertilization .

Including the types of Indonesian national flowers

This rafflesia flower is considered as one of Indonesia’s national flower types. The commemoration is set every January 9th as the day of national interest determination.

The number of male and female rafflesia flowers is out of balance

Male rafflesia plants are more numerous than female rafflesia, this large disproportion also becomes a disadvantage for the spread of the species. Because, there is a limited possibility for male and female raflesia flowers to bloom and be found close enough at the same time so that pollination can occur.

Spread of species

Rafflesia flower types have at least 20 species of species in the world. For example, in Indonesia and Malaysia each has 8 species, and the rest are scattered in the Philippines and Thailand.

Rafflessia Rare and endangered flower species

Currently, the type of rafflesia flower is considered as one of the endangered plants on earth. Some types of rafflesia, such as rafflesia arnoldii and rafflesia magnifica, are even classified as rafflesia species which are very endangered by the IUCN.

The small range of distribution of these species and the destruction of their habitat are the two factors that drive these species to extinction. Even though environmentalists have tried hard to grow raflesia in a controlled and protected environment, such attempts are largely unsuccessful.

This is the information we can share about Rafflesia flower, a parasitic flower plant in Indonesia’s rainforest. May be useful.