Martin Luther King Early Life and His Legacy

What do you have in mind about Martin Luther King? He received recognition as activist who brought idea for no segregation. He took inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi to do protest without violent. He led many movements from boycott and vocal advocate to racial issue.

Today, he becomes the inspiration for people who have conscience regarding discrimination. He received Nobel Prize, and many accomplishments become his legacy.

The Early life

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Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia on January 15, 1929. His mother is Alberta Williams King and his father was reverend, King Sr. His father had the name Michael King, but changed to Martin Luther based on Martin Luther movement in Europe.

King attended school for black people in Morehouse College. After that, he studied in Crozer Theological Seminary. This was a place where he became president of student body. After graduated, he married Coretta Scott

Human Right Movement

The first movement was bus boycott in 1955. This situation occurred as response of 15-year old black girl who refused to give up her seat. Based on segregation law, that action had to be punished.

He became leader on Southern Christian Leadership Conference. With his new appointed as leader, several movements and activism actions were organized.

Moreover, he urged to put nonviolent in top priority. Jim Crow was the main target because it was the reason for many discriminations and racial incident. The law stated that black and white people lived in separated area for many aspects of live.

Death and Assassination

In 1963, he organized the biggest march in history to Washington. He gave famous speech called “I Have a Dream”. Until today, people still keep that day as memorial event in human right history.

Martin Luther King was vocal and active in human right and no segregation law. This situation created risk for his own health and safety. He was stabbed by women who thought that King conspired with communist.

Unfortunately, his death was something unexpected. James Earl Ray shot him with few bullets. King was down and wounded fatally. He was dead on April 14, 1969.

Ideas and Political Stance

When discussing about King, people always discuss about his idea about freedom and human right. He had reverend father, but suffered from depression since early age. This condition made him to see equal right as solution.

He had idea about nonviolent activism inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. Anything he organized did not include direct action or violent, though some incidents happened during demonstration.

King gained more favors from public, but it was not endorsed any presidential candidates. He tried to be neutral and kept balance in order to support his idea. Besides, he also involved in equal right for Native Americans.

His Legacy

His idea is what people called as legacy for the next generation. In addition, King received Nobel Prize, which acknowledge for his intentional to bring peace and equality.

Another legacy is Martin Luther King Jr.’s day in January 20. It was signed by Ronal Reagan then ratified as the holiday. Several states recognized it as public holiday until today.