Everything about Polo Shirt that You Need to Know

If you want to know everything about polo shirt, you have come to the right place. Polo shirt is a staple in every day’s fashion, especially men’s fashion. This kind of shirt is the one with short sleeve and attached collar on it.

There are a lot of fascinating facts about polo shirt. Down below, you are going to find some of the most interesting facts about this shirt. Here they are.

The History of Polo Shirt

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Even though polo shirt seems to be very simple, it has long history. It started in 1920s in the UK when polo players wanted to wear something simpler and comfortable for the game. Polo is a sport game revolves around the players driving a ball while on a horseback to teespro.id.

Soon, the players of polo started to wear short-sleeved shirt with attached collar and small opening on the neck. It is believed to be the origin of polo shirt and to this day, that type of shirt still uses the name of the sport game.

The Origin of Lacoste Polo Shirt

Talking about polo shirt is impossible without including Lacoste in the conversation. Lacoste is the most famous brand of polo shirt. Some people even identify the shirt with the brand, making it prominent with the name Lacoste shirt.

It all begins in the late 1920s when polo shirt started to be worn not only by polo players but also by tennis players. A famous tennis player names Jean René Lacoste then established a brand for polo shirt using his name.

Polo Shirt and the Wealthy

Polo shirt was worn by sport players and sport enthusiasts back in the days, which were mostly the upper class people. It makes the shirt very fashionable and expensive. During the 1930s, polo shirt became the signature clothing of the wealthy only.

It is a kind of ironic because in this modern day, polo shirt becomes a common fashion of all classes. Everyone can wear the shirt and the price to buy a polo shirt is affordable, unlike the price of the same type of shirt back in 1930s.

The Most Expensive Polo Shirt

Everything about polo shirt is of course including the information of the most expensive polo shirt exist in this world. It is believed that the priciest polo shirt today is the one designed by renowned designer Miguel Caballero.

Miguel Caballero Polo Shirt is sold for $6,000. What makes it so expensive? Well, it is basically bulletproof and stab-proof. Wearing this shirt is going to make you safe from any kinds of unwanted, life-threatening events.

Polo Shirt as Sportswear

To this day, polo shirt is a staple in sportswear. It is an official shirt for sports like polo, tennis, golf, and rugby. It is also worn in sports like baseball and softball. It is sometimes used in horseracing as well.

However, polo shirt is not well known only as sportswear. It is more famous as casual outfit worn every day. Almost in every country, this type of shirt is considered as regular, daily clothing.

It is all what you need to know about polo shirt. You will feel more interested in this kind of shirt and excited to wear it every day after understanding everything about polo shirt.